Farewell Robert Fisher

Robert Fisher from the Willard Grant Conspiracy died of cancer this weekend just gone. This news is sad as fuck, basically. I am going to be brief here as I didn’t in all truth know Robert all that well, so I don’t want to tread on the toes of people with deeper relationships with him, […]

Summerhall, 1 Summerhall Place, Edinburgh EH9 1PLEdinburghUK

The launch party for Meursault’s new album is an all-day event at Summerhall called ‘Song, by Toad’s Granfalloon’, with a Granfalloon being defined by Kurt Vonnegut, who coined the phrase, as “a proud and meaningless association of human beings”.  You can see how we thought it so fitting. It will be an all-day event featuring […]


37 Lomond Campbell

Recorded on the 18th November 2016 before a warehouse show with Kwaing Creosite this gorgeous session shows two things: one, that Ziggy and his Pumpkinseed collaborators are superbly talented and two, that strings sound absolutely fucking gorgeous in The Happiness Hotel. It’s always tricky to mix things which come off the desk sounding this good. […]

324 The Arctic Circle

Mrs. Toad and I, as you possibly know, went on something of an epic road trip at the end of July this year. We took the ferry to Amsterdam and drove up through Germany to Denmark, through Sweden via the Volvo Museum, and into Norway, where we went all the way up the West Coast […]